About us

"We level the playing field, smaller associations now have all the features available that the large associations have, at a very economical monthly cost."

The Mition team has taken the best technologies available today and built a beautiful modern framework. The application itself has been designed by a specialist team that are experts in running highly successful membership systems

We aim to make the system simple; hiding the complexities of data storage, scaling and change management while delivering a system that just works all the time, all whilst being budget friendly. 

As every organisation is unique, our system allows organisations to use their own domain name, colour scheme and have full control over their own content, staff and members. 

You can use mition for your entire back office, website, events site, conference site or all of these.

Our History

After creating several custom membership systems for non-profits / associations, we realised that by building a single system we could make a cost effective and easy to maintain membership platform.

This locally Australian made platform is built to cater for small to large associations.

The experts involved in building this product saw a profound need to create a solution that not only meets the requirements of our association clients ‘out of the box’ but removes the reliance of up to 7 separate software solutions.

The advanced API means the data captured is available anywhere, whilst being secure and controllable by the associations’ administrators. Mition is a fully encompassing membership system built using modern and advanced features as standard. Its home in the cloud means that it is always available, always up to date, never requiring you to upgrade to a latest version, eliminating downtime.  

It is an ‘eco-system’ of connected modules with features such as email marketing, eLearning, Conference and Event management built in. It is ever evolving, with new features and benefits being added without any system downtime or expensive internal projects. 



Built & Based in Melbourne Australia. Support local.


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