Cancelling a subscription

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You may want to cancel a subscription for many reasons:

  • The user has requested to cancel the subscription
  • The user chose the wrong subscription type
  • Your organisation does not want to offer this subscription or service anymore

How to cancel a subscription
Cancel a subscription for each member.

You can cancel a subscription by finding the user/member and navigating to subscriptions. Then select the subscription by clicking the row and press the cancel button. It will ask you to confirm you want to cancel this subscription.

This will delete the subscription AND it will also remove any roles created by this subscription (the system tracks which roles were automatically added by which subscription) for this particular user and it will cancel (delete) any unpaid invoices. It will not cancel (delete) any paid invoices.

Why does it cancel unpaid invoices?
Cancelling unpaid invoices will prevent you from accidentally charging money to your members for a subscription that does not exist, it also stops your team from trying to get members to pay these invoices, so it is important.

Why does it not cancel paid invoices?

It does not cancel paid invoices, so your membership team can see the invoices this member has paid. When you cancel a subscription and it has a paid invoice it will tell you (via a message on the screen) that the invoice was cancelled successfully but there was a paid invoice and it has not been deleted.

You can delete this invoice manually, but we recommend you use this to keep track of any credits you want to give to a member.

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