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Creating a Webpage is a website feature of Mition where you can add a new page of information about a particular subject. You can edit the main setting of this page by clicking the icon, adjusting the URL, updating the site description, keywords, and teaser images.


Update the description by writing a brief explanation that can be displayed in Google, Bing or other search engines. You can also use keywords which can be anything that these search engines want to know, provided they are related to the topic at hand. These keywords are important because it can increase the visibility of the pages in search results.


A web page includes a variety of different types of resources such as style information or controlling a page's look and feel, scripts which add interactivity to the page, and media which are images, sounds and videos that help exhibit important topics. A web page is used to bring forth information to the audience, and may also be used as a means to sell products or services.

 You can create webpages for anything, your main organisations website, documentation, processes, or conferences. You can also control who can access pages and how they look - from content layout to colours and styling.  It is a unique way to connect with the world and there are endless possibilities for what you can do with it.

Setting Security (Roles)

details about how a web page can add security

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