Member and Stakeholder management

Whether you make your membership system available to the public, or just use it for internal processes, you can store information about every person who makes up your association.

Keep historical information on staff, members, suppliers and any other person who plays an important role in your organisation.

  • Import your members
  • Create Roles / Subscriptions / Programs / Tags to create a three dimensional view of your members
  • Quick search by members
  • Send an email to a group of members quickly
  • View a history of changes

Use the member summary page to get a complete overview of a member in one glance.

For more information see the documentation.


The subscription module has been designed to do the heavy lifting of subscription and renewals for most organisations.Here are some of the features we cover for new organisations when you use our software: Setup subscriptions to auto renew and collect payments via stripe automatically, or optionally turn off renewal or just auto payment. You can setup fixed period / open period (based on when the user subscribed) You can setup pro-rata payments for fixed periods. Create a welcome emai...

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