Member and Stakeholder management

Whether you make your membership system available to the public, or just use it for internal processes, you can store information about every person who makes up your association.

Keep historical information on staff, members, suppliers and any other person who plays an important role in your organisation.

  • Import your members
  • Create Roles / Subscriptions / Programs to create a three dimensional view of your members
  • Quick search by members
  • Send an email to a group of members quickly
  • View a history of changes

How many staff and members can we have?

Mition is not priced based on the number of members or staff, so in theory you can have unlimited users. The system is priced based on network usage and disk space and things like total emails / sms messages sent per month. See pricing for  more details on these limits.

 Best way to manage security / controller access

We recommend that you give all your actual members the inbuilt 'members' role, add this to all your member subscriptions so they get this access by default. This will give your members the basic access they require to login, update their user image and profile and add an address.

If and when specific members require additional access such Fellows, Trainees, Taskforce and any other roles add these to the members in addition to the membership role. You can then tailor resources such as Secure Document Libraries and Web pages just for these users.


How to create subscription based membership (instructions) on mition.

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