This is a HERO component

It has one really large image, the optionally a smaller image in front.

This component can link off to a page, you can have text in the text area, or just provide a title.

You can add a title text optionally too


 This is an ACCORDION which you can click to see more information .

Here is some more information, you can put as much or as little in here as required.


This is a card, if you use size 4/12 you can get 3 CARDS nicely in a row. If you use size 3/12 you can get 4 CARDS nicely in a row.



Its on the left here. All you can really do with it is insert an image on its own and size it (any size from 1/12 to 12/12 or full screen).


This is HEADER, a nice thing to put at the top of every page.


This is TEXT just a big textbox you can put all your content in.

You can use large text.

Medium text.

Small text.

You can also add code and bold things and italic them and create links


With JAVASCRIPT you can add custom javascript to your page. We use this sometimes for adding 3rd party tools like google search or animations to pages.


this tiny tiny text is the control 


perfect for when you want to ensure your legal concerns are addressed.

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